Homestay Lundu Sarawak dbaSURIA

Mani Hj Salleh
Homestay Lundu Sarawak dbaSURIA
$ 47.04
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  • Rent Type Entire home
  • Bathroom 1 Bathroom
  • Bedrooms 2 Bedrooms
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Property Description

Homestay Lundu Sarawak dbaSURIA
The Sarawak Lundu Homestay dbaSURIA® has 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, a toilet and a kitchen equipped with refrigerator, gas stove, 2 sinks and tables. In the living room is also equipped with AstroNjoi TV, Sofa set. Its surroundings include hilly bee farms and black pepper plants. The atmosphere is more about the state of Sarawak's Malay village which is located on a Belungei river which allows us to enjoy the refreshing cool water. Activities that can be done are like brewing honey, picking black pepper, bathing in the river, BBQ and camping. The dbaSURIA homestay location is located 8 minutes from pandan beach, 9 minutes from Siar beach and 4 minutes to Pugu beach on the South China Sea.


Gunung Gading National Park is one of the privileges found in Lundu area. This is because, the National Park of Gunung Gading has its own attraction of Rafflesia Flower; The largest flower in the world. In addition, Mount Gading National Park is also one of the best places in Asia to see the growing Rafflesia flowers. There are 17 species of Rafflesia flowers and some have been threatened with extinction. Three species of Rafflesia flowers are found in Sarawak; 'Rafflesia Pricei', 'Rafflesia Arnoldi' and 'Rafflesia Tuan-Mudae'. Only one species of Rafflesia flowers are found in the Gunung Gading National Park 'Rafflesia Tuan-Mudae'.

Mount Gading was gazetted as a National Park on August 1, 1983 to provide conservation areas to protect the extinct Rafflesia flower. In 1994, Mount Gading National Park was opened to the public so visitors could see the beauty of the world's largest flower, rafflesia. In addition, Mount Gading National Park also has other attractions such as waterfalls, pedestrian walkways, several baths and beautiful forest reserve views to visit. This National Park is also a natural habitat for some of the flora and fauna. Originally this national park is a protected area covered for Rafflesia plants which is the largest flower in the world that can grow up to one meter in diameter.

However, after undergoing extensive research on the environment, the Department of National Park decided that Mount Gading was a valuable state property that needed cooperation with the public.

Therefore, this national park was opened to the public in 1994. The National Park of Gunung Gading is managed neatly by the Department of National Parks to ensure visitors get the best opportunity to see the growing Rafflesia flowers themselves without destroying the flowers or other plants surrounding it. Has been built in the place where Rafflesia is commonly seen for visitors coming here as Rafflesia flowers expand.

Trek path tracks bring visitors to rivers, waterfalls and mountainous areas and a further path bringing visitors to the summit of Mount Gading (906 m). The surface shape of this mountain area is so dramatic that provides a beautiful background in the nearby Lundu area and the beaches of Pandan and Siar.

Price Variation

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    $ 47.04 / per night (for entire home)
  • Holiday Price
    $ 58.80 / per night (for entire home)
  • Weekend Price
    $ 70.56 / per night (for entire home)
  • More than 7 nights Price
    $ 42.34 / per night (for entire home)
  • More than 30 nights Price
    $ 35.28 / per night (for entire home)

Additional Charges

  • Allow guest more than capacity
    Yes ($ 11.76(per person) (Extra)

Cancellation Policy

Moderate: Full refund 5 days prior to arrival



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House Rules

  • Suitable for children (2-12)