Homestay kampung Ujong Bukit Perlis

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Homestay kampung Ujong Bukit Perlis
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Chalet for 4 pax with fan and tv. Breathtaking scenery surrounded by paddy field.
During the season you can see kampung people harvesting the paddy.

Perlis attraction
Kangar is the capital of Perlis and the seat of government. It is located in the heart of the country's "rice bowl" area and depending on the season, is surrounded by lush green fields or golden yellow paddy, ripe for harvest. Although new buildings can be seen, Kangar retains much of its old world charm.
A small town, with everything within walking distance, Kangar is not lacking in amenities and facilities. The major landmark of the town is the state mosque, Masjid Alwi.
The royal town of Arau is located 10 kilometers from Kangar on the Peninsula's main railway route extending northwards into Thailand. Of interest here is the imposing Istana Arau or Royal Palace with its classic architecture and the Royal Mosque.
Arau is the disembarkation point for visitors travelling on the rail route from Kuala Lumpur to Langkawi. From Arau, taxi services are available to Kuala Perils, the take-off point by ferry to Langkawi.
Just a few kilometers north of the Golf Club and the Snake and Reptile Farm is the Bukit Air Recreational Park. Cool streams meander through rich tropical forest and waterfalls cascade into rocky pools. Well defined paths allow easy access through the park where the sights and sounds of tropical rainforest await visitors. An excellent location for picnics, the park also provides a camping ground, car parking facilities and all the basic amenities.
This new museum is situated close to what was historically a fortified area. In fact, the word 'Kota' translates as fort in English. The area is also the burial ground for two 16th century Sultans of Kedah with the remains of a palace surrounded on three sides by limestone outcrops.
The site is marked by two simple mausoleums with gravestones and the remnants of timbers that demarcated the burial sites.
While excavation works were going on during the ground works for the new museum, artifacts from what appear to be the late Neolithic era were found. A bell-mouthed jar of red slip ware, cord marked style, signifying the Ban Kao Neolithic culture of southern Thailand and Malaya was found fairly intact. A similar splayed foot beaker and two excellent polished stone adzes all corresponding to other similar finds in northern Malaya probably date to around 2,000 to 2,500 years in age.
Also found at the same site is what appears to be a die or mould of Indian origin. Other artifacts of Indian origin have been found in the northern regions, especially pottery, and dates back to 2,600 to 2,200 years, corresponding with the finds of the museum site.
Located at the mouth of the Perlis River, the town of Kuala Perlis is the major ferry terminal for visitors departing for the enchanted isles of Langkawi. Themajor activity of Kuala Perlis is fishing and many superb sea food restaurants can be found in this small fishing town.
Padang Besar is a bustling border town with a profusion of colours, sights and sounds. It is also a major stopover along the rail route between Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand.

The elongated railway station is manned by Malaysian officials at one end and their Thai counterparts at the other end.
Padang Besar is a bargain hunters' paradise and boasts duty free shops and a variety of produce, souvenirs and artifacts that bear testimony to the rich cultural legacy of the state.

The town acquired its name from a limestone hill known locally as Bukit Chuping. The surrounding landscape is characterised by lush green sugar cane plantations covering some 22,000 hectares.
Located just 8 km north of Kangar, this shallow lake provides a respite for boating, picnics and relaxing walks. More than 150 sandbar islands dot the lake and can be reached by rowing boat or sampan. Elevated walkways across the lake provide vantage and rest points.
Surrounded by the Bukit Bintang Forest Reserve near Sungai Batu Pahat, 10 kilometers north of Kangar, is the Snake and Reptile Farm. The Snake Farm is a research facility set up to develop serums for snakebites. Housing more than 20 species of snakes as well as crocodiles and monitor lizards, it is the only snake farm in Malaysia. The farm has natural open air enclosures as well as closed exhibits. Handlers will assist the public to take photographs with safe snakes.
Close to the Snake and Reptile Farm is a challenging par 72, 18-hole golf course. The Putra Golf Club is reputed for its technically difficult and challenging course.
The peaceful town of Kaki Bukit is home to Gua Kelam, literally translated as the 'Dark Caves'. The 370- meter long cave passage is well-lighted and is believed to have been hollowed out from the limestone massif by an underground stream over many eons. A wooden walkway suspended along the entire length of the cave allows visitors to view the magnificent stalagmite and stalagmite formations. The original cave was enlarged in 1935 by a resident Englishman to serve as a route for the transportation of tin ore. It is now a convenient way for local folk travelling on motor cycles to get from Kaki Bukit to the Wan Tangga Valley and vice versa.
Adjacent to Bukit Air Recreational Park, on 12 hectares of land, are the Herb Gardens. Created in 1998, these gardens now contain over 6,000 species of herb, spice and traditional medicinal plants. Both local and exotic species from other countries are grown and visitors to the gardens can learn their uses and how to care for such plants.
Perlis State Park is located along the north-western part of the Thai-Malaysian border. Straddling the Nakawan Range, the longest continuous range of limestone hills in the country, the park consists of the Mata Ayer Forest Reserve and the Wang Mu Forest Reserve comprising a total area of around 5,000 hectares.
The Nakawan Range has rich heavily forested slopes, extensive cave systems, sheer cliff faces and numerous cascading jungle streams.
There is a rich bio-diversity in these limestone based forests with rare species of ginger, ferns and balsams that are found nowhere else. It is also the only place in Malaysia where the Stumped-Tail Macaque is found.
All visitors to the park must register at the Park Visitor Centre. The centre houses an exhibition on the park and audio visual facilities. Those who wish to visit the Wang Burma Cave and Gunung Perlis can book their guides at the centre. Park accommodation facilities are based at Wang Burma, about 1.2 km from the visitor centre.
Various nature trails have been laid out to provide easy access and trail R-15 to Wang Kelian offers a commanding view of the surrounding countryside, including Timah Tasoh Lake and the unique twin peaks of Bukit Chabang.
Wang Kelian houses a popular Sunday market where visitors can cross the Thai-Malaysian border without the use of passports, provided they remain within the market place

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