Homestay Haji Dorani 1

Nurzahira Zamri
Homestay Haji Dorani 1
Sungai Besar
$ 35.28
  • Type House
  • Rent Type Entire home
  • Bathroom 1 Bathroom
  • Bedrooms 2 Bedrooms
  • Guest 5Peoples
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  • Meal 4 Meals & Drink

Property Description

The Haji Dorani Homestay is perfect for those looking for a sojourn in a village-style environment paired with unique experiences alien to those of city-dwellers. Here, people can enjoy the customs and traditions of the Jawa people, such as their food, activities and lifestyle. To put the cherry on the top, guests will be treated to delightful traditional performances such as kuda kepang, barongan, gamelan and kompang jawa.

Places of attraction:
- Pantai Redang Sekinchan
- Paddy Gallery
- Sekinchan Wishing Tree


- In Malaysia, batik cloth is widely used, especially in the fashion area. The process of waxing and coloring fabric is known as 'batiking'. In this way, batik is a material that is traditionally made by utilizing a manual wax-oppose coloring system.

Traditional games
There are many Malaysian traditional games that you can play when you decide to enjoy this package;

• Congkak
– One of the most famous traditional games in Malaysia.
It is a game of mathematics played by womenfolk in ancient times.
To play it, you must have congkak board and guli (marble)

• Tarik Upih
– It is a game of speed. A team consists of a person seated on the upih
(flower sheath of nibong palm) and another person who pulls it.

• Boling kelapa
– It is a modified version of the real bowling game.
Coconut is used as the ball and plastic bottles are used as the pins.

Fishing with Traditional Method
- Malaysian traditional fishing in mud method is by catching the fishes using hands. It is called ‘Menggagau ikan’. People in the ancient times usually catch fishes in the mud of paddy field during dry season. Besides that, bathing or playing in the mud also give many benefits such as draw out impurities from the skin, exfoliate dead skin cells and helps to relax sore muscles and joints.

Pounding the rice
- Pounding the rice allows the seeds to be released from their husks. Rice is pounded using a traditional wooden ‘lesung’. Guests can grab the opportunity to experience this exclusive activity that you wouldn’t get elsewhere other than in homestays!


There are many industrial activities to visit in the village.

• Visit the village’s small and medium industries – Learn how to make chips, frozen food, traditional food and many more!

• Visit farms – Experience plucking the fruits or vegetables!


Price Variation

  • Price
    $ 35.28 / per night (for person)

Cancellation Policy

Moderate: Full refund 5 days prior to arrival



  • Air Condition
  • Free Parking
  • Washer
  • Hangers
  • Breakfast

House Rules

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