Host Faq

I do my own Sales & Marketing through Social Media, why should I join you ?

First of all, why not ? you are PAID to join us. Secondly, to increase your occupancy. First known fact, less than 10% marketing done in social media eg FB turn into Sales. Second known fact, everyone has 24 hours in a day. Do you want extra times to spend for your own or with your family ? Let us help taking marketing and sales job away from you and you can spend the free time on something you like with your family. Third known fact, you can focus on managing your property by providing good service to guest to improve guest satisfaction. Who knows from 1 property you can increase it to 2 or even more with your spare time. It means more money to you. So,

  • You get PAID when you join us.
  • You have more time for your own and family
  • Your occupancy increase means more money
  • Possibility of increasing your property with your spare time means more more money.

I have listed my property in other website. Can I list in multiple website ?

Yes. This is your new Sales Channel. Rule of thumb “more channel more sales”

I feel difficult to manage multiple website account especially the calendar ?

We have ICAL which can synchronize your calendar in MyCribBooking with other website or vice versa. This is done once and will be updated itself every 3 hours. To check how to do this, click here

Where to see all my listed property ?

In your profile, please click “My Listing”

How to check my sales ?

Go to your Profile and click “My Sales”

You can filter your invoices to display only certain date as you required.

How do I know guest contacted me ?

In your profile, go to “Inbox”

You can actually delete or reply the message the icon next to the message title.

What is the different between booking and reservation ?

Booking means guest book your property.

Reservation means you make a reservation on others property for your own stay.

I offer discount for my frequent guest . Where do I input that information ?

When issuing invoice, you where ask to confirm. Under Create Invoice, you can see “Add discount”. You can input in your discount in value not percentage.

Do you charge any fee ?

There are 2 types of charges.

  • Bank Fee 5%. – To cover the bank money transfer cost
  • Guest Service Fees 5 – 10% depending on the room rate. – to cover our website, server and operations.

To learn more about Fees please contact us.

Who bear the bank and Guest Service fees ?

In principal,

Bank Fee 5% – Host should bear the cost as part of their operating cost.

Guest Service Fee 5 – 10% – Guest will bear the cost and it will be transparent in the invoice.

I'm not good in computer/technology, who can help me manage my account ?

MyCribBooking is self-help website where host manage their own account however, we provide services to manage the property online on behalf of host.