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                               This time, I visited Homestay Sg Haji Dorani in Sabak Bernam! If you happen to be in Sabak Bernam then Homestay Sg. Haji Dorani should be your choice. Here is glimpse of the activities you could experience at the homestay and trust me you will agree with my suggestion.



For our trip, we chose 2 days and 1-night RM150/pax package, which includes many activities such as:

      First day:

  • Batik Painting
  • Paddy Pounding
  • Fishing in the mud
  • Night walk around the paddy field

      Second day:

  • Visiting the corn farm
  • Visiting Cottage Industry; bahulu, chips and nata de cocoa            

                                             As soon as I arrived there, I was welcomed by the villagers especially my host family. From there, I could tell that they were very friendly. They treated us like family. We were tightly bonded. Somehow, I like the way they treated each other. They spent much time together, so they understand each other better. As soon as I arrived, they waited me to unpack and get ready for the activities.





Batik Painting

                     I started off the activity ‘mencanting batik’. Batik is a method of decorating textiles through dye resistance, in which designs are created by preventing specific parts of a textile from being exposed to dye.

                 In summary, we applied the liquid wax following the patterns and images that previously had been drawn using pencil. After that, the cloth was dipped in a dye bath containing colours.

                     Honestly, I was quite good at this even though I have never tried it before. I might as well turn it into a hobby someday.



Fishing in the Mud

                    The next activity was fishing with bare hands. It was pretty difficult that I managed to get only two fishes. It is Malaysian traditional method of fishing. It is called ‘Menggagau ikan’. People in the ancient times usually fishing in paddy field during dry season.

                    In addition, bathing or playing in the mud also give many benefits such as draw out impurities from the skin, exfoliate dead skin cells and helps to relax sore muscles and joints. 




Paddy Pounding

           Next, we tried to pound the paddy, or we call it menumbuk padi. The paddy is pounded to remove the husk and bran layers from the rice. After the rice is pounded, we also tried to winnow the rice. In Malay, it is called menampi beras. Winnowing is a farming method developed by ancient people for separating rice from its chaff. 




Night Walk Around the Paddy Field

              The last activity for the day was night walking by the paddy field. We walked in group to a villager's house to learn how to make a trumpet from a coconut leaf. The villager, Pak Abu taught us how to make a trumpet using the coconut leaf.

Can you believe it! It does sound like a trumpet.

This is common activity for Kampung kids playing with their friends.




  Cottage Industry

                    On the second day, I got the chance to visit the Cottage Industry area. I often read the article about the food processing but now I got to see it with my own eyes. I could tell the difference between visualizing it by reading an article and seeing it with my own eyes. So, you should really come to this homestay to experience it yourself.


Nata De Coco Factory

This article is not enough to give you the real excitement. You should try yourself.

                   One of the activities was the making of nata de cocoa. Nata de coco, also marketed as coconut gel, is a chewy, translucent and jelly-like food .From there, I just knew that it was produced by the fermentation of coconut water. It felt like a dream watching them making what we usually ate.




Kuih Bahulu Factory 

                  Next, we also visited the traditional chips and kuih factory! They welcomed us with the fresh bake kuih bahulu which is every Malaysian's favourite kuih. Kuih Bahulu is a traditional Malaysian sponge cake that has become one of the main menus in Malay dish especially on feast days such as Hari Raya (eid) and Wedding Ceremony. It is normally served in many shapes such as fish and star shapes. After savouring the kuih bahulu, we continued our visit to watch the production of traditional chips such as banana and potato chips.




Maize Plantation 

                   Not to mention, I also got to spare some time to visit the maize plantation. Before going to the maize plantation, we were served with lots of corn-based delicacies by the villagers. Everything made from corn, corn drink, local corn delicacies and it is delicious!

                   Then, off we go to the maize plantation! From what I learnt, maize planting should start a few days after the onset of the rains when the soil is moist. Another thing, maize should be planted at the right spacing for good growth and development. Doubtless, the plantation was quite huge.

              What more exciting is that we got the opportunity to pick one corn per person for free! Some guests also took the opportunity to buy the corns at cheap price!





                     We ended the trip with a lunch together with the host family. From there, I got to thank my host family for the irreplaceable memories. I also got the chance to exchange contact number so that we can keep in touch even though we live far away. I would visit place again. Definitely!

Seriously, it felt like a real home for me. I could tell that you already gain interest in visiting this homestay.

Do not hesitate people, it will surely satisfy you!

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