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                       Let me start my words with a question.Do you prefer hotel or homestay when traveling?Take your time and have some thoughts.I shall proceed this with my own choice that is homestay.Why? You should continue reading to know the reasons.More to my own experience at Homestay Lonek.I’m pretty sure that at the end of the day, you will have the same answer as me.

                       Maybe most of you never experience the serenity of village because you never stepped in a village.Here’s some of the imagery of the village through my experience so that you can see it clearer.Before I get started,I was assisted with the host family throughout my stay there.They gave me a warm welcome that I already felt the bond between us.Like any other visit, started with the sukan rakyat to boost our energy level.One of the activies was tarik upeh which was the my favorite game out of all.

                         Other than that, I was also given the chance to try catch the fishes using bare hands.The people there called this activity as ‘mengocha ikan’.Let me tell you, you could never catch a fish using your hands in the middle of a bustling city.We called it a day after the cultural night ended.There were many cultural performances that were held.I was enchanted by the beauty of a culture.




                 The next day, we started with the traditional food cooking by the expert.Not to forget, I actually got the chance to be a help for dodol making.I could not deny that it was pretty exhausting. That is to say we had to stir the mixture continuously until it was reduced to half the original amount.It was necessary to continuously stir the mixture while simmering to prevent it from burning and sticking to the pan.I also got the chance to visit the paddy field to see the harvesting process with my own eyes. Harvesting is the process of collecting the mature rice crop from the field.Depending on the variety, a rice crop usually reaches maturity at around 105-150 days after crop establishment.

                 The highlight of all activities is not yet to be mentioned, Homestay Lonek also organized a program called Go Green Go Clean.The goal of this program is to keep the village’s environment clean and to make sure that it is prevented from any kind of pollution.With the activity of planting trees around the village, we could keep the air fresh and healthy.Last but not least, I also got the chance to try the rubber taping.I was guided with an expert to prevent any unwanted injury.It was kind of fun but I honestly respect all of them cause the activity was quite complicated.



                     In a nutshell, the experience you could get from a village especially from Homestay Lonek could never be bought anywhere.You have to get there yourself to get the real experience.It is a good recommended if you bring along your family here because literally you can do activities together to tighten the bond.That’s all for now, more experiences at homestay are coming your way!

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