Experience Local Food in Kota Belud

Experience Local Food in Kota Belud

MyCribBooking is at Kota Belud and while we're there, we get the chance to experience eating some of Kota Belud's local food. Sabah is said to be a paradise for seafood. But the questions is, what is the food that is said unique in Kota Belud ? Why bother to visit Sabah and Kota Belud if what you want to eat is Nasi Lemak or Nasi Goreng since you can get this food anywhere in Malaysia. After searching and asking the local people, they seems to point out a few of dishes that are unique in Kota Belud.

If you're coming to Kota Belud, if you're asking around the local people. One of the famous answer you'll get is to eat Ikan Liking. So what exactly is Ikan Liking ? Ikan Liking is made from Ikan Talang. It is then sliced into two and smeared with salt and pepper. Then, it's dried outside until it's ready to eat. When it is served to eat, it is usually cut into cube of pieces and are red in colour. You can find this meal in Tamu Pekan Kota Belud, Pasar Besar Kota Belud or in any seafood restaurant in Kota Belud, It's cost around RM10 to RM25 a fish.


Ikan Liking


Tamu Pekan Kota Belud

Here's one of the seafood restaurant in which you can eat Ikan Liking. It is called Restoran Warisan Bonda which is located at Wisma Arked Print in Sembirai, Kota Belud and open at 12pm to 10pm. The main dish here is Ikan Liking and is served after it is sliced into cubes size.




Restoran Warisan Bonda

Next one would be Bubuk. What an interesting and simple name it is. Bubuk is made from dried Udang Geragau or Udang Rebon. Usually is sold at RM2 or RM3 a packet. Can be found at Tamu Pekan, Pasar Besar and Pasar Tani Kota Belud along with some of the seafood restaurant in Kota Belud. It is usually eated with rice and is used as a seasoning in cooking. Bubuk also can be made as cucur and eaten with chili pepper and it taste good!



Ikan pangi, also can be found in Tamu Pekan Kota Belud and Pasar Tani Kota Belud. Ikan Pangi is popular among the Bajau in Kota Belud Sabah. It is made from Ikan Talapia or Ikan Belanak (the locals called it Ikan Kembura). The ingredient to marinate Ikan Pangi includes buah Keluak or buah Kepayang which is also known as Buah Pangi among the locals. Ikan Pangi be be eaten with nasi putih and air asam. You won't want to miss trying this!


Ikan Pangi

One of other food which is unique in Kota Belud is Kuih Lidah, it is literally shape like a tongue. It made from wheat flour, powdered milk, sugar, butter, cooking oil. It taste like kuih bahulu in Semenanjung Malaysia. Nowdays, the flavour is diversified and we now have chocolate, pandan dan cheese flavour which taste good and seems to melt in your mouth!


Kuih Lidah

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