Collaboration with HUGS PROJECT

Collaboration with HUGS PROJECT


About the Collaboration



Salam Ramadhan and good evening to all of our beloved guest.



In July, MyCribBooking will work alongside HUGS PROJECT (Help Voluntary Groups and Communities), together both of HUGS PROJECT and MyCribBooking will help entrepreneurs in the countryside to promote and accept booking from their business activities.








Travel-related activities which is promoted or organised by HUGS PROJECT will be uploaded to our website/application. Hopefully, through this "Business Network", we can strengthen more our friendship and support.











HUGS PROJECT is an organization that unites the efforts of those with a strong desire to help with those who need it the most. HUGS PROJECT is a nonprofit that connects ANYONE to existing organizations in Malaysia where they can make a positive impact. By providing hands-on service opportunities to the volunteers, we create an environment where volunteers can contribute to positive causes while supporting long standing local initiatives that promote the overall development of Malaysia. To provide such an environment, HUGS creates alliances with organizations, focused on sustainable development, that assist economically distressed communities in Malaysia. By taking on the responsibilities of planning, skill set evaluation and being the focal point of contact, HUGS designs and coordinates a tailored program, based on skills and need, in a broad variety of service-learning programs for volunteers, giving them the opportunity to make an immediate impact in the lives of thousands of people. Our partner organizations benefit from the assistance of skilled and motivated volunteers, without the burden of dedicating extra resources towards searching and coordinating programs for the right volunteers. The volunteers, on the other hand, are granted the opportunity to serve and gain experience in areas pertinent to their field of studies or skill set. Our staff members work year-round to ensure a dynamic placement of volunteers that is in line with the interests of the volunteer and one that will integrate smoothly with the developmental goals of the participating organization; thus making a real impact in each community. Laili Basir-19th July 2013



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