5 Reason Why Choose Malaysia as Travel Destination

Travel means very different things to different people. For some it’s all about soaking up the sun on a beautiful beach for days on end, for others it’s about integrating in to a new culture and really getting under the skin of a country.

The great thing about Malaysia, is that whatever travel means to you, you can find an experience here that will fulfil all your wildest, travel related, dreams. Add to that the great weather, and the fact that it’s super cheap and you’ll see that Malaysia has, quite literally, got it all.

5 reasons why most of the tourist choose Malaysia as their travel destination 

1-  Beach.

Picture above shows beach at Redang.

Number 1 on the list has got to be the beaches of Redang, a small island paradise just off Malaysia’s East Coast. With very few inhabitants it’s quiet and the perfect secluded relaxation spot. In the north of the island turtles lay their eggs on the beach, so if you go snorkelling, you may be able to spot sea turtles swimming beside you.

A little less effort to get to, but equally stunning, are the beaches of Langkawi and the Perhentian Islands.

2. History of multiple races and religion

Picture above show Site of a Hindu temple and shrine located at Batu Caves

A multicultural melting pot of Asian culture, with strong influences from China, India and the rest of Southeast Asia, everywhere you look there are fusions of influence. One of the UNESCO certified is located at Georgetown,Penang. Wander the streets of the capital George Town, a UNESCO World Heritage site that is packed with historical and cultural gems including beautiful colonial architecture, classic churches, Buddhist and Hindu temples and grand mosques.


3. Vibrant Metropolis 


Kuala Lumpur is one of the world’s great cities and has everything you’d expect, and hope, to see and experience in a legendary capital, all with a unique Malaysian twist.

Sample tasty street food, get lost in busy shopping centres, haggle at market bazaars, climb the famous Petronas Towers for great views, and ride the KL Monorail for easy access to each part of the city.


4. Amazing Cuisine


Head to Kuala Lumpur to try the cheap, and completely scrumptious street food, such as Chicken Satay, Roti Chanai, Nasi Lemak (a rice dish with coconut) and Beef Rendang (a curry type dish with coconut and lemongrass).

If you’re in Penang, widely accepted to be Malaysia’s food capital, try the Laksa Penang (a spicy and sour noodle soup) or the Nasi Kandar (a Malaysian curry dish with rice).


5. Malaysia People


The largest ethnic groups in Malaysia are the Malays, Chinese and Indians. In Sabah and Sarawak, there are a myriad of indigenous ethnic groups with their own unique culture and heritage. Although they in different culture different religion but they are tolerant with each other. And the good part is i can say most all of the malaysian can speak english well. So to the foreign tourist don't have to be afraid, so far there's no such as language barrier at Malaysia. Just enjoy your holiday to the end.