4 Vacation Budget Tips for Students in Malaysia



Want to escape from all the assignment for some time but don't have enough budget for it. Don't worry here's some tips that can be used if you're a student. 


1. Accomodation 

You might have to spend much more money on accomodation such as hotel and so on. Here's the tips: You better search for a dorm (if you're travelling with small group) but if you're in the larger group better to find any guesthouse or homestay. Aside being able to cut some budget on accomodation you also can cooked for breakfast and dinner by yourself which also can save up your budget on meals.


2. Restaurant 

Even though you will be exhausted and starving when you arrive, do not eat at the first restaurant you see! Make sure that you check the prices on the menu and maybe a review or two, no matter how tired and crappy you feel!

If you are staying in a hotel, do not immediately take the suggestions of the concierge. They can give great tips, but remember that sometimes, the hotel gets paid for recommending certain places to guests, so they don't always have your best interests in mind

Ask locals for suggestions. Whether it is a friend who has visited the area many times, someone you know who lives there, or even a person you meet on the street, find out what their favorite restaurants and sights are. This way, you will end up at fabulous places and almost always cheaper than the touristy places in the center of town.

Don't eat at restaurants geared to tourists. These restaurants mark up their prices a lot. 


3. Attraction

Research all of the museums and attractions and pick the ones that have the most to see. 

Go to museums on free days or use discounts. At some places even at foreign country they can give student price for you only if you have student card with you.

Don't do the unnecessary attractions. After all, the best thing to do in a city can be to just pick a point on the map really far away and walk there - it doesn't cost any money and you never know what you may find.


4.  Shopping

For student surely you have a lot of things to buy to your family and friends as souviner. Yes you can but here's the tips:

Avoid the temptation to shop the chains such as H&M or ZARA because all the merchandise at the store almost the same as in your local mall.

For cheap finds, look for vintage stores, thrift stores, flea markets and other outdoor markets. You will find amazing items that are completely one of a kind, and usually very reasonably priced.

Focus on buying accessories, not clothes. They can take up less room in your suitcase and can represent a lot more about a culture than clothes. Think about it - you can buy a nice white blouse anywhere in the world, but a necklace or ring crafted by local artisans? You won't find that anywhere else. Plus, jewelry will last you forever with decent care.