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When we talk about homestays, it is not only about accommodation, it is about culture, food and lifestyle. Check out our two days and one-night experience in Homestay Labu Kubong!     

                   Trust me! You cannot find anything better than Homestay Labu Kubong. I bet no one could challenge me on this. Homestay Labu Kubong is the top-notch homestay in Kuala Kangsar where they serve the best hospitality that one could ever experience. This is not an adulation made to impress you people out there, but this is the truth as I have been there to experience it myself. Other than offering a great traditional home they also gave me a warm welcome when I first arrived there.

                 To put it in another perspective, I was given a host family to take care of me during my stay there. They really helped me a lot when I was clueless about something. It was really good though to have a company. On a side note, my host family also prepared for my breakfast, lunch and dinner.   


There are many packages offered by Homestay Labu Kubong for you to enjoy. The 2 days and 1-night package is highly recommended. From only RM100/pax, you may enjoy fun activities at the homestay!

       First day:

  • Traditional games
  • Village tour
  • Fishing in the mud
  • Bath in the tali air
  • Cultural night

       Second day:

  • Visiting the cottage industries
  1. Keris and parang
  2. Newspaper crafts
  3. Traditional kuih 'tepung pelita'
  4. 'Bedak sejuk'
  5. Honey
  6. Rubber tapping



                        Undeniably, it was a great short escapade from the buzz of the town where I could finally experience the serenity of a Malaysia countryside. We all know that majority of youngsters today have never experience the traditional lifestyle. You can’t blame development for that. Immigration is part of the process where people seek better life and job opportunities in the city.

                          One of the thing that you would never experience elsewhere, the traditional architecture. In Homestay Labu Kubong, they preserve their house to their original. You will see the majestic of Malay traditional architecture which some of the house are more than 100 years old. Check out our video to see some of this house.



Village Tour

                     I’m grateful that I got this chance to finally experience the lifestyle there. To double the excitement, we were given the opportunity to cycle around the village. Scenic view, fresh air, peaceful kampung away from air, noise pollution and rush hour caught me in the eye.



Traditional Games

                  There was vast of activities that had been held by the organiser to fill in the leisure time. Significantly, the sukan rakyat or shall I say Traditional games! There were activities such as bowling kelapa (coconut) and tarik upeh which really enlighten my day with joyful laughs. Speaking of tarik upeh, Pinang palm tree frond is more suitable to be used than coconut tree frond. 

                   A team consists of two players, usually the stronger player pulls the frond. The rule is simple, the player has to drag their partner who is sitting on a palm frond. The team that crosses the finishing line first will be the winner.

                   Next, we also played the bowling kelapa game. It is a modified version of the real bowling game where the coconut is used as the ball while easy to find items like plastic bottles or tins are used as the pins. This game is mostly played by the kampung boy who doesn't have an easy access to the real bowl and pins. 


Fishing in the mud

                     After playing the traditional games, we headed to the paddy square to do our next activity which is menggagau ikan. It is a traditional method of fishing by using only bare hands. We had so much fun playing in mud, it was more exciting because the fishes that were released in the mud moved very fast and it was so hard to even catch one! Frankly speaking it was not easy. It was catfish and mind you it was bloody slippery!




Bath in tali air

            Then, we could clean ourselves in the stream nearby. The water was so clean and crystal clear, it was indeed refreshing to take a dip in the stream accompanied by such breathtaking kampung view! The water was so cold! Definitely perfect for a vacation with your loved ones!





Cultural Night

                   Not to forget, we also got the chance to watch the gendang silat and silat performance which really made me filled with astonishment as I have never seen such traditional martial arts before. Silat is a collective word for a class of indigenous martial arts from the geo-cultural area. It is traditionally practised in Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and portions of the Philippines the southern part of Thailand and the central part of Vietnam.

                     What’s more, the organiser also held a cultural night which included a lot of tantalizing traditional performances, which absolutely can attract and entertain anyone who watched it, be it local or overseas tourists. To give an illustration of what I mean, one of the performances was the Gunung Ledang dance. Gunung Ledang means (Ledang Hill).  Ledang hill is not even located in Kuala Kangsar but it is one of the most mythical hills in Malaysia. If you want to go there, you’ve got to head to the south of Malaysia in Melaka where the history of Malaysia started.

                   While watching the performances, guests were served with variety of local delicacies to fill our empty belly.

                   Apart from all of the activities planned, I also got some spare time to stroll around the village. I got to enjoy the breathtaking view of the village using the bicycle which I borrowed from them. 




Cottage Industry

                    On the second day, I got the chance to visit the Industri Desa or Cottage Industries which gave me one in a million experience. With that, I got the real vision of some of the industrial activities in the village such as rubber tapping, metal shaping, making traditional desserts and making handcrafts. 


Newspaper Craft    

                         We started off with handcraft. One of the industries in the village is to make handcraft from the old newspaper. I bet this is awesome! They transform unused newspaper to a nice basket, boat and etc. They sell this handicraft to tourist, it is cheap and beautiful. Ingenious idea to recycle old newspaper








Traditional Kuih (Traditional Desert)

                     I also gained new experiences in cooking malay kuih that was ‘kuih limas’. It is also known as kuih sampan or kuih tepung pelita. The making of this traditional dessert was quite challenging.

                    Kuih limas is a type of kuih that has a very creamy white top made from coconut milk and sugar, and a firmer base mainly made of pandan water and sugar. It is wrapped in banana leaf which gives it a better taste. To give an illustration, it tastes very sweet and milky.



Bedak Sejuk

                   Other than that, we also got the opportunity to make 'bedak sejuk'. Bedak Sejuk is a type of traditional powder that is used by Malaysian women as foundation (make-up).

                  Normally, local women slathered this fermented rice-based powder all over their faces before bed as an ingenious beauty hack that kept them looking young and fair. 

                   Trust me this is the cheapest way to keep you beautiful and it cost you only RM 5/pack. You can do without your SKII!




Keris production

                   We also got to see how 'keris' is made. The kris or keris in Malaysian languages and Malay spelling, is a Malaysian asymmetrical dagger with distinctive blade-patterning achieved through alternating laminations of iron and nickelous iron.

                        The kris is famous for its distinctive wavy blade, although many have straight blades as well.




Rubber Tapping 

                       To the one who doesn't have any idea of rubber tapping, it is a process by which latex is collected from a rubber tree. The latex is harvested by slicing a groove into the bark of the tree at a depth of a quarter inch with a hooked knife and peeling back the bark.

                           Usually trees must be approximately six years old and six inches in diameter to be tapped for latex. We were also given the opportunity to tap the rubber by ourselves with the supervision from the villagers.  

                             Before going back, we were served with delicious lunch, and also got the chance to meet and thank our host family.


To wrap everything up, Homestay Labu Kubong is definitely a place you should stay when you are in Kuala Kangsar. Speaking from my own experience, the services there would never disappoint you. It would be worth every penny!



Kindly visit https://www.mycribbooking.com/view/guesthouse/homestay-labu-kubong-1-17908 for more information about homestays.

To help illustrate our experiences during the visit, you may also visit http://youtu.be/rBLvR2-xvKY